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Not Frugal Friday — American Airlines First Class

American Airlines First Class -- Champagne

Are you looking for vegetarian food on American Airlines in first/business class?  Well you’re in luck, sort of.  As I recently mentioned, when you fly cross-country in a premium cabin, you can pre-select your entree, and there is typically (at least the four times I’ve selected an entree) a vegetarian option.  So far so good.  But, selecting a vegetarian entree and getting a vegetarian meal are two different things, because the first course is typically not vegetarian.  don’t learn from my mistakes, I forgot to request a vegetarian meal the next time I flew AA as well.  So here, combined, are my two reviews.  Surprisingly, even though I was flying the exact same flight (AA 85, JFK-SFO), the meal was a lot better the second time. Continue reading

Hakkasan’s Menu Looks Promising…

…for vegetarians.

If you’ve walked down 43rd Street between 8th and 9th Avenues in Manhattan, you may have noticed this foreboding doorway on the north side of the street (just past the 99-cent pizza place).  This is the doorway to the (in?)famous Hakkasan, a worldwide network of high-end Chinese restaurants.  The original, in London, has garnered a Michelin star.  But Pete Wells was much more critical, referring to “lunatic prices” — you can pay $888 for abalone tuna with truffles — and “food that is, in too many cases, about as interesting as a box of paper clips”.   Continue reading

Tocqueville — 3 Stars

I recently had dinner at Tocqueville, Chef Marco Moreira’s French-American restaurant near Union Square. Tocqueville was recommended to me because of its high-quality vegetarian options; it’s been on the “Places” tab of this blog just about since the blog started up.  Overall, I thought Tocqueville had some great-sounding vegetarian options on  their menu, although I thought the execution was just not quite there, particularly compared to some other places that do great vegetarian food, like Picholine or even Dovetail.  Continue reading

Don Antonio by Starita

Are you looking for the best pizza in New York City?  Well, today’s review takes us to Don Antonio by Starita, which New York Magazine recently named the best pizza in New York.  Don Antonio’s signature pizza is the “montanara”, which is made with a made with a crust that’s first deep-fried, then baked in a wood-fired oven.  Plus they make pizza for the Pope.  With a preview like that, how could I resist?

Continue reading

An Invitation from Chef David Santos

As you might know, Chef Dave Santos (most recently of Hotel Griffou, with a background in fine dining from places like Bouley and per se) has been hosting a high-end supper club called “Um Segredo” (Grub Street had the write up here).  The dinners started around November of last year and got rave reviews.

Recently, Dave has teamed up with the folks at City Grit, the self-described “Culinary Salon”, to bring his dinners to a wider audience. About a week ago, I e-mailed Dave suggesting that he do a vegetarian themed dinner on a regular basis (there was a “tasting of vegetables” a few weeks ago, but it seemed to be a one-off event. Plus, I didn’t know about these dinners 3 weeks ago, so I missed it).

Well, Dave agreed, and has scheduled a vegetarian dinner for Friday, March 30, at City Grit.  He has personally extended an invitation to the readers of Without Bacon (though obviously the dinner is open to the public generally), and is open to making a vegetarian menu part of the regular rotation.  You can get tickets here:  http://citygritnyc.com/#VEG.

So come on out and meet Dave (and me, and fellow readers of Without Bacon) on Friday, March 30, at City Grit.  Hopefully a big showing will convince Dave of the great demand for high-end vegetarian-friendly food.  See you there!

(Pictures lifted from here and the accompanying flickr site.)

Devi — 3 Stars [updated]

If you’re looking for great vegetarian food in New York, then Indian restaurants are probably on your short list.  Devi — the only Indian restaurant in the U.S. to earn a Michelin star (correction) — has to be at the top of any lists of Indian restaurants.  This Union Square eatery is a cut above the usual heavy, uninspired, and generally unhealthy fare found at most Indian restaurants, and is well worth a visit. Continue reading

Toloache — 3 Stars

Where can you find the best vegetarian restaurant in New York?  In one sense, it’s not surprising that Mexican restaurant is vegetarian-friendly  — you can get pretty much anything with beans instead of meat.  But Toloache, which got one star from the New York Times‘s Sam Sifton, is a step above the rest.  This theater district outpost of Chef Julian Medina has some great vegetarian food, and it’s not the same tortilla-beans-cheese formula that is all-too-common at other restaurants. Continue reading

Celsius — Citi Pond at Bryant Park

Today’s review takes us to Celsius, the restaurant by the Bryant Park ice-skating rink.  As many of your probably know, you can go ice-skating during the winter months at “Citi Pond at Bryant Park“.  Celsius is a pop-up restaurant just off of the ice-skating rink, where you can get lunch, dinner, or drinks in a nicely heated area while watching the much colder ice skaters below.  The menu was surprisingly vegetarian-friendly, but the food itself was rather disappointing.  Continue reading

Ça Va — 2.5 Stars

Ça Va, Todd English’s restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel in midtown Manhattan, is today’s stop on the quest for great vegetarian options in New York City.  Unfortunately, Ça Va — although the selections looked okay on paper — wasn’t particularly impressive. Continue reading

Eleven Madison Park– 5 stars

The quest for the best vegetarian food in New York continues.  The blog turns one month old today, and we’ll be celebrating with the first perfect, five-star review.

If you’re looking for great vegetarian food in New York, look no further.  Eleven Madison Park, a three-Michelin-star restaurant for 2012, really epitomized how a top restaurant should accommodate vegetarians.  The food was great, the service was impeccable, and the overall experience was fantastic.  EMP is, to date, my favorite New York restaurant. Continue reading