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Picholine — 4.5 Stars

Chef Terrance Brennan’s Picholine is considered not only one of the best vegetarian restaurants in New York, but one of the best restaurants, period.  It gets one Michelin star and three stars from the New York Times, though I think it deserves higher:  the meal I had there recently was the best meal I’ve had in a long time (probably since Eleven Madison Park).
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Vermillion — 2.5 Stars

As I’ve mentioned before, if you’re looking for good vegetarian food in New York (or elsewhere), Indian food is a good option. Vermillion is an Indian-Latin fusion restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, near Grand Central.  You’ll find familiar Indian dishes with an unusual twist, and some very good vegetarian options.
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21 Club– 1 star

The most disappointing dining experience I’ve had recently was at the 21 Club.  The service was disappointing, and the vegetarian options were basically nonexistent.  The 21 Club hypes itself up quite a bit–emphasized in particular right now because of some recent renovations–but the experience did not live up to the hype. Continue reading