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Frugal Friday — Taco Bell Cantina Menu

I like Taco Bell.  I like food by famous chefs, like Lorena Garcia of Top Chef Masters fame.  I like fresh and healthy food.  So, I should love Taco Bell’s new “Cantina Bell” menu, right?  Wrong.  Maybe the other options are better, but I found the vegetarian option sloppy, bland, and uninspiring.  It’s not that I don’t think Taco Bell can “do gourmet” — I’m sure it’s possible in theory — it’s that this particular attempt was poorly executed. Continue reading

Celsius — Citi Pond at Bryant Park

Today’s review takes us to Celsius, the restaurant by the Bryant Park ice-skating rink.  As many of your probably know, you can go ice-skating during the winter months at “Citi Pond at Bryant Park“.  Celsius is a pop-up restaurant just off of the ice-skating rink, where you can get lunch, dinner, or drinks in a nicely heated area while watching the much colder ice skaters below.  The menu was surprisingly vegetarian-friendly, but the food itself was rather disappointing.  Continue reading

El Chile (Austin, TX)

I was in Austin, Texas this past weekend for a friend’s wedding.  After the wedding and before my flight back to New York, I had a little time to explore the city.  I visited the LBJ Library and Museum and then had lunch at El Chile Cafe & Cantina, which was recommended to me by my friend.

I didn’t have high hopes for vegetarian food in Texas, and I hadn’t checked El Chile’s menu ahead of time.  (I just knew it was between the LBJ Library and the airport.)  I was pleasantly surprised. Continue reading