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Louro — Vegetarian Nossa Mesa Supper

Mushroom "pot pie."

Mushroom “pot pie.”

If you’re looking for great vegetarian food in the West Village, you really ought to check out Louro, a now-one-year-old restaurant run by Chef/Owner Dave Santos.  Santos, you will remember, was doing a “supper club” at City Grit; they did a great vegetarian dinner a while back which I quite liked.  Chef Santos now has his own restaurant, but he still maintains a bit of the inventiveness of his old dinners with the “Nossa Mesa Supper Club” at Louro.  Every Monday, the restaurant serves up a prix fixe menu that changes with the seasons and the kitchen’s whims.  The restaurant opened last December and one of the first supper club menus was completely vegetarian!  My wife and I checked it out and had a great time. Continue reading

Frugal Friday — New York Street Fairs

In this Frugal Friday installment, I check out some vegetarian options at a New York street fair.  Street fairs are, depending on your perspective, either a great way for people in a given neighborhood to congregate and socialize, or an unnecessary intrusion on your regular schedule.  Either way, two things are clear:  (1) lots of vendors are professionals on the “street fair circuit”, going from neighborhood to neighborhood, so you can expect consistency in food choices across events, and (2) there is a good opportunity to get some cheap food.  How does it stack up for vegetarians?  I tried out the Ninth Avenue International Food Festival to see for myself. Continue reading

Vegetables at Dovetail — May 16th

On May 16, the “New Taste of the Upper West Side” will feature “Vegetables at Dovetail“, a five-course vegetarian dinner with wine pairings for $195 at Dovetail Restaurant (stay tuned, btw, for my upcoming review of Dovetail).  The featured chefs are John Fraser from Dovetail, Missy Robbins from A Voce, Ed Brown from Ed’s Chowder House, Harold Dieterle from Perilla and Christina Tosi from Momofuku Milk Bar.  The event looks great; more details and a link to buy tickets after the jump! Continue reading

Veggie Tales at City Grit

As I’d mentioned before, Chef David Santos was hosting an all-vegetarian, five-course dinner at City Grit called “Veggie Tales” (no, it had nothing to do with that VeggieTales).  The dinner was on March 30th, on the “borderline” between winter and spring, and was designed to showcase the flavors of those seasons.  All in all, I was very happy with the dinner and hope Chef Santos makes these a regular part of his rotation. Continue reading

An Invitation from Chef David Santos

As you might know, Chef Dave Santos (most recently of Hotel Griffou, with a background in fine dining from places like Bouley and per se) has been hosting a high-end supper club called “Um Segredo” (Grub Street had the write up here).  The dinners started around November of last year and got rave reviews.

Recently, Dave has teamed up with the folks at City Grit, the self-described “Culinary Salon”, to bring his dinners to a wider audience. About a week ago, I e-mailed Dave suggesting that he do a vegetarian themed dinner on a regular basis (there was a “tasting of vegetables” a few weeks ago, but it seemed to be a one-off event. Plus, I didn’t know about these dinners 3 weeks ago, so I missed it).

Well, Dave agreed, and has scheduled a vegetarian dinner for Friday, March 30, at City Grit.  He has personally extended an invitation to the readers of Without Bacon (though obviously the dinner is open to the public generally), and is open to making a vegetarian menu part of the regular rotation.  You can get tickets here:

So come on out and meet Dave (and me, and fellow readers of Without Bacon) on Friday, March 30, at City Grit.  Hopefully a big showing will convince Dave of the great demand for high-end vegetarian-friendly food.  See you there!

(Pictures lifted from here and the accompanying flickr site.)