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My Place — Bangalore, India


I don’t usually write about a buffet at a hotel, but I wanted to make an exception for My Place, the casual restaurant at the Movenpick Hotel in Bangalore, India.  If you’ve been following this blog on twitter (and if you haven’t been, do it now!), you know that my Air France flight was canceled due to mechanical problems in the middle of the night leaving Bangalore when I was last in India.  Air France was kind enough to put my wife, daughter, and me up at the Movenpick Hotel while they sorted our our flight situation (okay, they were required to by law, maybe).  Our meals were also included, all at My Place, and they were quite good. Continue reading

L’Arpege — Paris, France — Five Stars

Arpege -- keepsake knifeL’Arpege, in Paris, is widely regarded as one of the best restaurants in the world — and probably the best if you’re a vegetarian.  The reviews of the place are uniformly glowing.  The place can be pricey but is well worth it, at least as a “try it once” experience.  Alain Passard has revolutionized haute cuisine for vegetarians, and I hope his philosophy — that gourmet food and vegetarian food don’t have to be at odds — continues to catch on. Continue reading

L’Atelier de la Truffe Noire — Brussels, Belgium

One of the top restaurants in Brussels is the one-Michelin-starred restaurant, “La Truffe Noire“. This restaurant, which features truffles in nearly all of its creations, has a less-expensive sibling restaurant “L’Atelier de la Truffe Noire“.  My wife and I went to the
latter for dinner on our recent trip to Belgium. Continue reading

L’Achepot — Brussels, Belgium

Are you looking for vegetarian food in Brussels?  That’s the situation I found myself in recently, having jumped on a surprisingly cheap fare to Belgium.  I was staying at the Marriott Brussels, a nice centrally located hotel.  For lunch the first day, my friends and I wandered into the Saint-Catherine neighborhood, where we stumbled on L’Achepot.  If you’re looking for vegetarian food in Brussels, I’d recommend it.
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