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Is it Ethical to Eat Meat?

The premise of this blog is that restaurants ought to do a better job of accommodating vegetarians.  A question I’ve largely avoided (intentionally) is why people — including me — are vegetarians in the first place.  There is an ethics column in The New York Times, and “The Ethicist” recently posed a question:  is it possible to make an ethical case for eating meat.  This was, according to The Ethicist, a reasonable question, because “omnivores had yet to answer the powerful ethical critiques laid down by vegetarians and vegans“. Continue reading

Vegetables at Dovetail — May 16th

On May 16, the “New Taste of the Upper West Side” will feature “Vegetables at Dovetail“, a five-course vegetarian dinner with wine pairings for $195 at Dovetail Restaurant (stay tuned, btw, for my upcoming review of Dovetail).  The featured chefs are John Fraser from Dovetail, Missy Robbins from A Voce, Ed Brown from Ed’s Chowder House, Harold Dieterle from Perilla and Christina Tosi from Momofuku Milk Bar.  The event looks great; more details and a link to buy tickets after the jump! Continue reading