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Jean-Georges (second visit) — 4 Stars

Asparagus, being assembled...

Asparagus, being assembled…

If you want fantastic vegetarian food at a great good decent price, then Jean-Georges is the place to go.  The flagship restaurant is the crown jewel in the sprawling empire of celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongeritchen is the cheapest three-Michelin-star meal in New York City (at least for lunch).  Jean-Georges is quite vegetarian-friendly, too.  Jean-George can legitimately stake a claim to some of the best vegetarian food in New York. Continue reading

The NoMad (second visit) — 4 Stars

The NoMadA year ago, I wrote that The NoMad was New York’s “restaurant of the moment.”  Since then, the restaurant has garnered a Michelin star, and spent a lot of time on Eater’s list of the top 38 restaurants in Manhattan.  (By the way, does anyone know why they list the top “38”?  Why not 35? or 40?)  The restaurant started off with a bang and has really maintained its momentum since.  Around the corner, Eleven Madison Park (my reviews here and here), with the same chef-owner, Daniel Humm, is doing some pretty neat things.  My not-so-secret hope for The NoMad was that it would be a place to get food at EMP’s quality, without having to pay EMP prices, and it looks like The NoMad might hit that sweet spot. Continue reading

Kajitsu — Four Stars

The entrance to Kajitsu.

The entrance to Kajitsu.

Dining at Kajitsu, the Michelin-starred vegan restaurant in midtown Manhattan, is like nothing you’ve ever done before.  (Trust me.)  There’s a reason it’s been on my list of places I’d like to go, even though I don’t typically list completely vegetarian restaurants on the list. The restaurant features Japanese shojin cuisine — a style of cooking that is centuries-old and comes from Buddhist monks.  But it’s much more accurate to say that this is a place that uses ingredients you might or might not be familiar with and concocts them into incredible works of food and art.   Continue reading

Cafe Boulud — 4 stars


If you’re looking for great vegetarian food in a classic, upscale atmosphere on the Upper East Side, Cafe Boulud is a great choice.  Earlier this year, I reviewed Boulud Sud, part of the Lincoln Center-area trio of Boulud restaurants.  If you’re following me on twitter, you know that a little while ago, I ventured to the UES to Cafe Boulud, the slightly more relaxed counterpart to the chef’s flagship restaurant, Daniel.  Cafe Boulud gets one Michelin star and Frank Bruni gives it three stars for the Times.  I recently went there for lunch and was quite impressed, both with the quality of the food and the vegetarian selections. Continue reading

The NoMad Rooftop — 4 Stars

The rooftop restaurant at the NoMad hotel is probably the most talked-about new restaurant in New York this summer — with the possible exception of the regular, indoor restaurant at the NoMad.  (If you’re interested in a vegetarian-focused review of the NoMad restaurant, check out my review here.)  The “downstairs” restaurant got three stars from the New York Times and I understand that the rooftop — which operates as a separate restaurant, with a separate staff and kitchen — is aiming for at least that caliber of service, if not higher.  I think they’re well on their way.  The food and service were very good, and though I have a few small quibbles, they’re mostly logistical, not substantive.  With a little tweaking, I think the rooftop could claim a spot among the city’s best restaurants. Continue reading

Eleven Madison Park (Second Visit) — 4 Stars

If you looking for the best vegetarian food in New York, Eleven Madison Park is a good bet.  New York Magazine has rated Eleven Madison Park the best restaurant in New York, was the first — and thus far only — restaurant to receive a perfect rating from this blog.  So I was understandably excited to go back to EMP for lunch recently.  Unfortunately, Eleven Madison Park — which has received three stars from Michelin and four from the New York Times — didn’t live up to its potential this time around. Continue reading

The NoMad — 4.5 Stars

The “restaurant of the moment” in New York right now is at The NoMad hotel.  Daniel Humm, the chef-owner at three-Michelin-starred Eleven Madison Park — the restaurant that got my first and only five-star review (although my second visit disappointed slightly) — opened this eatery at the NoMad Hotel in the Flatiron District.  The NoMad has already been written up, generally favorably, by The New York Times and New York Magazine.  I went there recently and was pleasantly surprised.  In time, I think this could rival its older sibling a few blocks away. Continue reading

Picholine — 4.5 Stars

Chef Terrance Brennan’s Picholine is considered not only one of the best vegetarian restaurants in New York, but one of the best restaurants, period.  It gets one Michelin star and three stars from the New York Times, though I think it deserves higher:  the meal I had there recently was the best meal I’ve had in a long time (probably since Eleven Madison Park).
Continue reading

Jean-Georges– 4 Stars

Jean-Georges, a three-Michelin-star restaurant regularly considered one of the best in the city, fares pretty well in this review.  JG has some good vegetarian options on the menu, and this was the only restaurant (so far) that went out of its way to highlight for the entire table a vegetarian option.  I was pleasantly surprised by the vegetarian selections here, which were a step up from the last time I was there. Continue reading

Blue Hill at Stone Barns– 4 Stars

I recently got back from Blue Hill at Stone Barns.  Blue Hill has a location in Westchester (a farm and restaurant) as well as a location in the Village in New York City.  The theme at these restaurants is to use local ingredients, typically fresh from the farm, in the cuisine.  The theory is that this is more sustainable, healthy, environmentally friendly, etc.  The thing that piqued my interest was the likelihood that a place like Blue Hill would have good vegetarian options.   (I went to the Blue Hill New York location for my anniversary a couple of years ago and generally liked it, though I don’t remember enough detail about the food to say anything more than that.) Continue reading