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Gramercy Tavern — 3 Stars

Always bustling.

Always bustling.

Earlier this summer, I had lunch at Gramercy Tavern, a one-Michelin-starred restaurant in, well, the Gramercy neighborhood.  If you want great vegetarian food in New York, Gramercy Tavern is probably on your short list: their dinner tasting menu features a vegetarian alternative, and many of the same options are available for lunch or a la carte.  I’ve had many great experiences at Gramercy Tavern (including some fun interactions on twitter, but this was just good, not great. Continue reading

Aquavit — 3 Stars

A couple of months ago, I went to Aquavit, the restaurant started by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson.  Marcus isn’t at Aquavit anymore, but the restaurant is still quite well-regarded; it got one star in Michelin’s 2013 ratings, and Sam Sifton gave it two stars for the New York Times.  Overall, I like Aquavit.  It’s a different experience — Nordic food isn’t all that common in New York — and, though it’s generally seafood- and meat-heavy, I haven’t had much trouble getting vegetarian food on my visits there. Continue reading

Babbo — 3.5 Stars

I’ve long wanted to go to Babbo, the restaurant by celebrity chef Mario Batali.  For some reason I just hadn’t made it there, but when I heard that they were going to start serving lunch, I made it a point to go.   I had a really good experience — Babbo has decent options for vegetarians and the quality is impressive.   Continue reading

Dovetail — 3.5 stars

I recently went to Dovetail, a Michelin-starred restaurant that has a “Meatless Mondays” menu.  It was also the site of “Vegetables at Dovetail”, a great vegetarian-themed event recently that featured some of the city’s top chefs featuring their vegetarian creations.  So, as you might have inferred from those bits of information, Dovetail is a pretty vegetarian-friendly restaurant.  I went there for dinner on Meatless Monday and had a very good meal. Continue reading

Junoon — 3 Stars

I recently had dinner at Junoon, a one-Michelin-starred Indian restaurant run by celebrity chef Vikas Khanna.  Junoon has gotten generally very good reviews; in addition to the Michelin star, Sam Sifton’s New York Times review gave Junoon two stars.  If you’re looking for good vegetarian food in Chelsea, Junoon is a good bet. Continue reading

Boulud Sud — 3.5 Stars

One of the best restaurants near Lincoln Center (and indeed, probably one of the top restaurants in New York City) is Boulud Sud, the latest creation of Chef Daniel Boulud.  Chef Boulud’s New York restaurants have four Michelin stars among themDaniel has three, and Cafe Boulud has one.  In the Lincoln Center area, Bar Boulud shares a corner with Epicerie Boulud, and the relatively new Boulud Sud, a restaurant that serves “vibrant Mediterranean cuisine”.  Continue reading

Tocqueville — 3 Stars

I recently had dinner at Tocqueville, Chef Marco Moreira’s French-American restaurant near Union Square. Tocqueville was recommended to me because of its high-quality vegetarian options; it’s been on the “Places” tab of this blog just about since the blog started up.  Overall, I thought Tocqueville had some great-sounding vegetarian options on  their menu, although I thought the execution was just not quite there, particularly compared to some other places that do great vegetarian food, like Picholine or even Dovetail.  Continue reading

A Voce (Columbus) — 3.5 Stars

A Voce Columbus is a great restaurant in Columbus Circle, and a Michelin-starred restaurant for 2012.  If you’re looking for great vegetarian food in New York, particularly around Midtown, this place should be on your list.  The food is generally interesting — not the same old Italian stuff you can get anywhere — and lots of menu items either are, or can be made, vegetarian.
Continue reading

Devi — 3 Stars [updated]

If you’re looking for great vegetarian food in New York, then Indian restaurants are probably on your short list.  Devi — the only Indian restaurant in the U.S. to earn a Michelin star (correction) — has to be at the top of any lists of Indian restaurants.  This Union Square eatery is a cut above the usual heavy, uninspired, and generally unhealthy fare found at most Indian restaurants, and is well worth a visit. Continue reading

Toloache — 3 Stars

Where can you find the best vegetarian restaurant in New York?  In one sense, it’s not surprising that Mexican restaurant is vegetarian-friendly  — you can get pretty much anything with beans instead of meat.  But Toloache, which got one star from the New York Times‘s Sam Sifton, is a step above the rest.  This theater district outpost of Chef Julian Medina has some great vegetarian food, and it’s not the same tortilla-beans-cheese formula that is all-too-common at other restaurants. Continue reading