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Norma’s — Breakfast for Lunch — 2.5 Stars



You know that friend of yours who tries too hard to dress fashionably?  The one who has just a few too many colors, or accessories, or flourishes, to the point where it overwhelms?  Norma’s is that friend.

In fairness, if you are looking for the best breakfast in New York, Norma’s has to be high on your list. Located at the Parker Meridien Hotel, Norma’s is open every day until 3 pm and serves breakfast that whole time.  Norma’s is a great option on weekends, and a fantastic alternative to the usual lunch spots.  In 2002, Eric Asimov described Norma’s breakfasts as “more fairy tale than real,” and a decade later — with Norma’s serving up cheesecake-stuffed French toast, a $1000 lobster frittata (with 10 oz. of caviar), or a $5,022 Caesar salad (which, in fairness, comes with the Presidential Suite) — the description is still true, even if the prices are higher.  But in the quest to be “fairy tale,” Norma’s tries too hard, to the point where the dishes don’t quite hold together.   Continue reading

Butter — 2.5 Stars

A few years ago, Gossip Girl made the restaurant/nightclub Butter famous. It was, if the show was to be believed, the hangout of choice for super-wealthy New York teenagers. Whatever the truth to that assertion, Butter today is a solid restaurant with good vegetarian options. However, it’s not the kind of place that (at least on culinary quality alone) can command the kinds of prices charged. Continue reading

Le Cirque — 2 stars

Le Cirque, a French restaurant on midtown’s East Side, is a New York institution. It has been around for decades and can be counted on for “old school” classic dishes like foie gras and lobster thermidor. But how does it treat vegetarians? As it turns out, this New York culinary mainstay isn’t that great for the herbivores among us, and the food, though potentially promising, misses the mark. Continue reading

Vermillion — 2.5 Stars

As I’ve mentioned before, if you’re looking for good vegetarian food in New York (or elsewhere), Indian food is a good option. Vermillion is an Indian-Latin fusion restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, near Grand Central.  You’ll find familiar Indian dishes with an unusual twist, and some very good vegetarian options.
Continue reading

Ça Va — 2.5 Stars

Ça Va, Todd English’s restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel in midtown Manhattan, is today’s stop on the quest for great vegetarian options in New York City.  Unfortunately, Ça Va — although the selections looked okay on paper — wasn’t particularly impressive. Continue reading

Elsewhere–2.5 Stars [CLOSED]

Today’s review takes us to Elsewhere, a “new eclectic American restaurant” in Midtown West.  It isn’t quite as formal as some of the other restaurants I’ve been reviewing, but it is a very good restaurant.  It also did a very good job of incorporating vegetarian options onto the menu — until recently. Continue reading